The Charming Turtle is the most sophisticated 3rd party retailer. Taking a data-driven approach and supported by best in class proprietary software, we guide/coach/counsel leading brands to sustainable growth. High-Quality Service has established TCT as a trusted seller for manufacturers and customers.

Our Mission

“Trust and Authenticity”

2019 was a new era for our company. We see ourselves as the source of knowledge for our industry. We understand the importance of listening to our customers and are always willing to research an answer.

We have a very different way of looking at “Business”. We incorporate “Trust” with “Marketing”. No longer is the line between “Sales” and “Marketing” blurred.

Our transparency shows throughout our entire business. Trust and authenticity are the driving forces behind our core business values. Honesty is the cornerstone of our business brand and the bottom line.

We understand the very basic “Fact” that every successful business has a single tie that binds all its facets together when it comes to consumer and buyer, and again for us, that is “Trust”.

We keep it simple and earn your “Trust” through our business integrity.

We believe in having a lifetime relationship with our customers. We focus on addressing our customer questions, and objections to achieve the outcome you imagined for your business.

We talk “Project Pricing and Cost”, “Product Resolutions”, “Customer Service”, “SLA” and more upfront…

We Are Happy To Discuss Our Competition

Bring us a quote from a competitor and we will be happy to discuss our outstanding strategy and what we can do for you and your business.

Our Promise

Is to deliver you a great experience, best industry practices, exceptional service, and lifetime loyalty support.